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where one goes to rent merchandise for their home which inturn leads to your home being infested with roaches/fleas/spiders, and other misc. bugs
i went to rent a center for a big screen tv and they threw the roaches in for no extra charge...there a great company
#rent #rent to own #rent a center #rent-a-center #hell
by disfunctional employee June 21, 2006
A company that sets up in the hood and tricks dumb hoodrats and other uneducated types of people by placing flashy electronics in the window.

What they don't know is that Rent-a-Center (and other similar companies) charges crazy interest (that they don't advertise) so in the end, your dumb ass ends up paying 3x of what the thing is really worth... So for example, a $500 TV would end up costing ~$1400.

Save your money and use your fuckin heads. Stop letting corporate america manipulate and get rich off you. Have the discipline to make a savings account and put away a little a week to buy what you need, it's really not that hard. Even if your paycheck aint that high its still doable AND DEFINITELY BETTER THAN PAYING 3X THE MONEY. It's your money that you bust your fuckin asses for, do right and protect it..
Hoodrat: Yo, son, just got dis pimpin ass flat-screen from Rent a Center, only $30 a week, my nigga.
Educated person: For how many months?
Hoodrat: Man i dont know, i know i can do $30 a week though.... Oh word, dis what da contract say.. For 50 weeks
Educated person: You dumb ass mothafucka
#rent a center #rent-a-center #rentacenter #scam artists #hustla #hustlas
by Voiceofreasonbereal August 03, 2013
Rent a center or Rac means a jumpoff with a nice body. Face is not important but the body is serious especially a nice size chest but the girl is not wife material
At bike week 2008 I saw this rent a center that was serious
#rac #rent a center #rental #spin dobie #sahab
by sean sneeze May 27, 2008
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