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someone who aint afraid to talk about anythin.
never been afraid to say, whats on my mind, at any given time, or day, cuz im a RENEGADE
by Jermaiiiiine December 23, 2006
56 68
1. a rebel, an outlaw
2. a tightazz song
never been afraid to say
wutz on my mind at
any given time of day
kuz i'm a RENEGADE!
never been afraid to talk about
by dirrrty south November 14, 2003
532 216
When you make the only guest appearance on a rap album and kill the album artist on his own shit.
Eminem renegaded Jay-Z on the Blueprint album.
by chaos447 January 28, 2009
374 198
Rave slang for a party that is thrown illiegally and without a permit, usually by tresspassing on a site such as a warehouse, old building, construction site, or in nature.
I went to a phat renegade last nite under the Park Presidio overpass.
by nomadicDJ September 30, 2003
266 163
n. (ren-i-gayd)
1. a person who performs reckless activities, often with complete disregard for the considerations of others.
2. About 10x reckless.
Example 1
Friend 1: "Look at that reckless cunt over there with a machete."
Friend 2: "Stay back, he looks like a renegade, might be hostile"

Example 2
Person 1: "Why are your pupils so wide?"
Renegade: "I'm fucking beaming, cunt."
by steinlic January 15, 2014
30 4
a ho with no guidance
that ho was tryna be a renegade, so a pimp slapped her down
by JusBidness September 13, 2007
105 90
A Call of Duty player that doesn't play the objectives.
Hey, why isn't that guy going after the dog tags? He's probably a renegade just looking to inflate his K/D.
by BKRandy October 15, 2012
26 16
A game created by Westwood Studios shortly before being bought out by EA games. Renegade was by far WS' best game and could have been better if EA had not demanded it be released prematurely. It is also refered to as Ren or rene. The renegade project was cut short by EA's demands for creating Command and Conquer: Generals, which is regarded by most as having no replay value, and thought of by many as a complete failure.
CnC Renegade
by evregade December 11, 2003
108 99