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1) French for 'fox'

2) (See: Renard Queenston)
Person 1: "Hey, whats the French word for fox?"

Person 2: "Renard"

Person 1: "Oh, like the Techno artist!"

Person 2: "Who?"
by Alaskan Wolf July 25, 2010
43 6
renard is defined as a loving male who can sometimes be crazy but is always down for the female species in his life males named renard are often funny cute and so sexy
renard is the best i have ever had.
by jaydons_mommy031008 February 03, 2010
48 17
An idiotic, yet lovable (not always) person who often stalks people and denies it.
Self explanitory...isn't it?
by Zolo June 21, 2005
54 46