noun; Chinese word meaning forbearance, or tolerance.
Maintain a state of ren and your character will grow stronger.
by Dr Winterbourne February 21, 2009
Top Definition
ren is the best a person can be and the closest the can come to becomeing a gentleman, one who respects his brothers and remain's unrecognised while is free of resentment. Ren is used by Confucius in his book the, The Analects.
Might we say that filiality and brotherly respect represent the root of ren?
by juggulator November 28, 2006
Another word for wanted sex goddess and seductive womanizer.
Does my ass look ren in this?
by renpreston! November 20, 2008
Cute Boy who has a wild side, loves adventure and life.
Will do anything to get what he wants, attracts alot of girls because he's very flirty, and everything a girl could ask for.
(I) (want) (ren)
by jazzzy August 16, 2012
Sweetest guy in the world! Flirty and Cocky but can be very shy. Rich Family.
(sweet) (ren) (shy) (flirty) (rich) (cocky)
by cher209 August 16, 2012
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