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verb - to pwn or destroy totally and thoroughly, particularly, although not exclusively in online gaming
I remused you with the Grandfather.
by Alan Barnes March 14, 2004
A slang for a bumhole!
Why don't you put your penis in my remus!

(say in a childish Australian accent)
by JamesWiseman March 01, 2008
Remmy. Dot. Is. The. Fucking. Man.
Remus is the shtnig. Remmy dot hoffa steelos.
by Remmy Dot Troffa October 27, 2004
A dildo repair machine.
Pass me the REMUS or I'll kick your ass.
by Travis October 08, 2003
An expression of love or adoration for people and monkeys in particular.
I love you, monkey remus!
by Abbie October 27, 2003
A pejorative or "cuss" word used to describe a person or persons (plural - Remusi) whom are extraordinaily stupid or incompetent. Stems from ancient Rome when Romulus and Remus fought for the city with Romulus triumphing over Remus.
"ugh, you're such a Remus."
by ArdiWD August 19, 2003
Fucks up every minecraft world
This person is such a remus
by Adammccullough September 06, 2014