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An expression of love or adoration for people and monkeys in particular.
I love you, monkey remus!
by Abbie October 27, 2003
13 56
A slang for a bumhole!
Why don't you put your penis in my remus!

(say in a childish Australian accent)
by JamesWiseman March 01, 2008
80 53
verb - to pwn or destroy totally and thoroughly, particularly, although not exclusively in online gaming
I remused you with the Grandfather.
by Alan Barnes March 14, 2004
58 77
Remmy. Dot. Is. The. Fucking. Man.
Remus is the shtnig. Remmy dot hoffa steelos.
by Remmy Dot Troffa October 27, 2004
40 63
A dildo repair machine.
Pass me the REMUS or I'll kick your ass.
by Travis October 08, 2003
40 73
A pejorative or "cuss" word used to describe a person or persons (plural - Remusi) whom are extraordinaily stupid or incompetent. Stems from ancient Rome when Romulus and Remus fought for the city with Romulus triumphing over Remus.
"ugh, you're such a Remus."
by ArdiWD August 19, 2003
28 76