Something you shout when you're listening to a CD with other people when it starts to skip, especially if you live in 1997.
REMIX! Haha, get it? It's skipping, it sounds like a bad remix! Haha! Guys? C'mon, it's funny!
by kwirk June 04, 2005
to take different pieces of media (images,
audio, or video) and process them through
a computer (or other machine) into new pieces
of media.
The movie 'the Phantom Edit' is a re-mix of the original Star Wars film 'the Phantom Menace.'
by Joseph Stengel-Goetz February 12, 2005
1. a song that has been 'remixed'

2. another version of a popular song that has been given a different feel through a change of beat, vocals, guest artists, etc.

3. reworking of a song to create a new sound while retaining elements from the original song
Mariah Carey's 1995 #1 hit, "Fantasy (remix)," featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard started an entire generation of female singers teaming with Hip-Hop artist to make a hit.
by Jer March 31, 2006
1. A significant change to a song while still preserving its original melody, a small change is called an edit. Remixes are very frequently performed in the EDM genre to the point where they are almost expected of any decent song. In the EDM genre remixes can be performed by the original artist, a permitted artist, or as a bootleg remix. Presently, remixing has become popular with rap/hip-hop as well though it is done quite ineffectively. Remixes performed by secondary artists on EDM music are generally considered a sign of great respect and appreciation whereas secondary artist remixes in rap are considered mockery or theft (because we all know that music is an industry, not an art medium)

2. Generally, any alteration to an existing object.

3. The act of making a remix.
1a. Have you heard the Mark Norman remix of Sasha's Xpander? It really brings a modern sound to a great classic.

1b. The court case G-thugg v. Yung Jackass was settled earlier this afternoon in which Yung Jackass was sentenced to pay G-thugg $2 million, the amount of money that Yung Jackass made off of his remix of G-thugg's song "Spinner booty in the club while gangbanging in the hood. Chevy Avalanche."

2. Have you played Midnight Club: L.A. Remix?

3. DJ Tatana plans to remix AVB's Shivers sometime next week.
by Solypsys March 18, 2009
A song turns into a remix when u add two words to it... its ridiculous
Original: A bay bay.. gansta in the club a bay bay

Remix: Yeah! a bay bay.. what?!?! a bay bay.. gansta in the club.. Ya?!
by capule August 24, 2007
something that makes bad songs longer (and on rare occasions, better)
It's the Remix to Ignition, this version is bitchin'!
by Remixer February 13, 2004
Said when a CD skips, sounding like a techno remix of the song.
"We jammin' jammin' jammin' ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja"

Whoa! I didnt know Bob Marley did a remix of "Jammin'"!
by JakeStar June 02, 2005

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