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A form of teaching designed to remind ( re-mind ) people who they really are. Deep inside ( our true self ) we know who we really are, but our families and society made us forget that around the age of seven.

A teacher of reminderology has a purpose of helping open up those channels deep inside of us. Bringing us back to our true self. The most important part of this teaching is dedication to stillness ( meditation ) daily. Without stillness we will never discover our true self. We cannot be re-minded without daily, dedicated stillness.

Our ego's do not want us to be re-minded because our ego knows it will lose it's job as controling egomind.
He said he was trying to find himself at church, so I suggested he take a course in reminderology to find his true self.

One week later...

I went to see my reminderologist today and I was amazed to find out how many lies we have been told by our churches, our schools, and by our government.
by Kerryokie April 09, 2011
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