To email again or second time.
Hey dude I didn't get your e-mail
Ok, I'll re-mail you.
by Servi July 29, 2009
Top Definition
Attempting to follow up on previous email messages which have gone unanswered.
employee: "Jim isn't responding to my email requests to shut down the Hope Creek nuclear power plant before the East shore of New Jersey is a radioactive wasteland."
boss: "Well, remail him. Maybe he's just busy."
by workinglate April 14, 2005
1.verb. to resend an e-mail.

2.noun. a resent e-mail.
Joe: I did not receive the e-mail you sent, earlier.

Amy: Okay, I will re-mail it to you. I saved it in the 're-mail' folder.
by MrKrash June 05, 2012
1. <I>verb</I>, Writing an e-mail message to one friend and copying out large paragraphs of text to resend to other friends as if one had composed a personal message for each of them. 2. <I>noun</I>, An electronic form letter about one's personal life often sent to mutual friends separately (i.e., rather than carbon copied).
"Did you hear that Jane broke up with Bill?"
"Yup, I'm sure she remailed me the same message you got."
by prairie.hawk February 20, 2007
to reply to an email; an email reply
John didn't answer my email, so I sent him a REmail.
by Patches777 July 19, 2008
Sending the same (normally work related) E-mail to someone who completely ignored it the first time round, but leaving in the 'FW:' and so on that show that you forwarded it to them again to highlight what a lazy git they are.
"Did you get a reply about those reports you sent Jeff yet?"
"No, the sod probably hasn't even looked at it yet, I'll remail him."
by Chris Carter March 16, 2007
To forward useless and/or cutsie emails you receive from your friends or coworkers to other friends and coworkers.
I just wanted to remail you this cute, touching, adorable, too funny, amazing (choose from list):
Cheezburger pictures
People of Walmart
Darwin awards
Cute cat pictures
Cute dog pictures
Waste of time Powerpoint presentations.
by Linengray March 02, 2012
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