A complete and utter load of shit.
hey look, some religion just came out of that dogs butt!
by but head May 22, 2008
Flawed at its base.

Or put even simpler:


This isn't because it may or may not be false,
This is because the blind following of religion many people tend to do.

Priest have showed me that religion, ain't all that great. At least after they claimed a good friend of mine to be damned for all eternity for who his grandparents were.
by GreyArcAngel February 11, 2008
Something that ruins the world. Religion has caused more suffering and death then anything else.
All the Jews that died in the Holocaust we're discriminated cause of their religion.
by GreatestBryanever October 28, 2007
Just an excuse for community controle

Most retarded Religion is Christianity, the international symbol for christianity is a cross, Jesus died on this cross and Romans built it, so its disrespectful, like if I started a religion about Sonny Bono and my symbol would be a tree and a set of skis.

And Jesus was a jew, so thats fucked up even more
I hate jews they killed my god

Damn you christians this aint a place to pray, this is a fuckin newsagents
by Psyko February 08, 2005
A thing people who cannot face death turn to.

Point made.....

If you are a good person, you will be good.
If you are a bad person, you will be evil.
'I'm going to die!'
'But no matter, i'm going to heaven!'
'Where is that?'

An example of the christian church's policy on people who point out faults in their belief system, Ancient Times-Middle-Ages
by Lonesamurai July 03, 2004
A belief that there is more to life than what is immediately observable. Often includes one or more beings of omnipotent or nearly omnipotent powers. Originally created to explain why things happen and later maintained to create a moral code for people to follow. As less people believe in religions such as christianity, the need for it becomes less.
Her religion was that of a Taoist
by akabakab June 19, 2004
Something made up a very long time ago to give the collective idiots of the world something to live for and believe in. Imagine believeing in something that never existed, a fictional "person" that secretly watched your every move and waited to judge you when you died!!! Whoever thought this up must have died of laughter!!!
christians, catholics, jews, buddhists, muslims..............

If "god" really were real, then which of them is right??? Why wouldnt a real god reveal the truth to the people he supposedly loved so much? How does he justify suffering and disease?

For that matter, satan and all its incarnations are tied directly to these sham institutions, and therefore void. Without supreme good, there is no supreme evil.

Its all a big lie, people. The Big Lie.
by Darrin March 01, 2004
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