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that may be relied on; dependable in achievement; studly in all manners of life; an overall superstar (see definition of cadet)
Ok Billy your turn, how do you spell "reliable"?


Very good Billy.
by Jaekwoneezy July 03, 2007
Giving your employers permission to fuck you in the ass and take advantage of you because they know you will work hard regardless
My boss made me do every one else's job while still treating me like shit because they know I'm reliable
by emilyeyescream March 06, 2015
A term used by young Irish men when they are calling a girl predictable but want to come off as a nice guy.
Conor: Maggie, you're not are just very reliable.

Maggie: Yea right! Keep trying to convince yourself of that.
by predictable123 September 02, 2009
A combination of "responsible" and "liable".
Uh oh. Ah doan' wants you to hole me reliable fo dat.
by Bubba Gump May 09, 2003
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