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somebody that people like to sleep with, but wont date, because they dont want a relationship. the next perosn they sleep with however, they end up dating.
i wasnt ready for a relationship. then i met jen and she was the one.
caley and andrea were just relationship fluffers.
While seeing or dating someone, they claim they are not ready for a relationship or are afraid of commitment, but will then break it off with you and move immediately into a committed relationship with the next person. You prep them, if you will, and warm them up to the idea of a relationship or commitment. It's just not with you!
"Damn, I am so sick of being a relationship fluffer for all these loser guys who claim they don't want a commitment as they now have moved on to the next girl and they are now exclusively dating!"

"I'm a master relationship fluffer. Immediately after parking me in the friend zone, he now has a serious girlfriend when he told me he just wanted casual."
by Annabnna October 06, 2013

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