Every boys/girls worst nightmare.
This is when a girl (or boy) fancies someone and finally asks them out but they say "no"
It usually occurs when they don't like you back or are sexually attracted to a different type of sex.
Michael: "Aw, Amy rejected me ;("
Odhran: "The rejection is real rn"
by I fucked your ma August 02, 2016
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(n); an automated email characterized primarily by it's poor grammatical structure which is sent by urbandictionary.com to the submitter of a definition that has not been deemed quite asinine enough to be posted on the site by the astute and well educated editors. See also: my inbox in about an hour.
"I've submitted a couple of garbage definitions to UD, but I just can't produce something shitty enough to be posted so I get a rejection notice.

"My ego is bruised just as much when my rejection is due to over-qualification."
by The Typographile September 02, 2013
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