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Someone who is nothing but CUTE, but hates being called cute, and demands respect in place of it. but even when doing so is cute.

Rehana: i would be such a good eskimo (makes cute face)

About: You are SO SO cute

by about April 26, 2009

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The hottest girl in the universe, with the best sense of humor.
"Oh man, who is that BABE over there?"

"I don't know, but she's got nothing on REHANA."
by brad March 01, 2005
She's the one and only girl for this swiss guy living in the US for half a year. He did some stupid things and hopes she forgives him and ever comes back to him
"Rehana ich liebe dich für immer und ewig, vergiss das bitte nie"
by Obi April 11, 2005
The evilest woman on earth, if she decides she hates you for reasons unknown, she will gut your face with a blunt object. She also loves waffles. Do not mess with her, or her mom will curse you forever. And her dad will bomb you and everyone you love.
Death, destruction, and masochistic ways of living...torture or self mutilation is also acceptable. However, in the middle east, she is a normal young woman. :)
by matt durden January 13, 2005
Male Genitalia (penis)
Suck my rehana
by peepru September 29, 2010