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She's the one and only girl for this swiss guy living in the US for half a year. He did some stupid things and hopes she forgives him and ever comes back to him
"Rehana ich liebe dich für immer und ewig, vergiss das bitte nie"
by Obi April 11, 2005
I Keeps -- short for I keep it real


Ever since that fateful Dave Chappelle Episode this word has highly overused by white people everywhere
Guy1: Get outta my grill man! This ain't no barbecue! You ain't no Hamburger!

Guy2: What?!?!? Boy I KEEPS! (punches Guy1)
by obi April 26, 2005
To venz: verb. Used when someone tries to look into private stuff e.g. diary, or private clan forums. Mostly this persons tries to do it in illegal ways e.g. hacking, cheating...
A - What the fuck our forum is full of spam, who did that?
B - Someone venzed our forum!
A - Aargh, not that one again!!
by Obi April 09, 2003
Supradyne:<m> The boyfriend of Obi-Yan, good TFC player, brother of his evil brother.
Supradyne + Obi
by Obi April 07, 2003
1.something that you always see mentioned with "corn" and "syrup".

2.a term used when you're realllllllllly angry; can be used as a verb with many different meanings
1.look on the back of any snack food and youll see "high fructose corn syrup"

2.I'M g0nna g0 FRUCTOSE him up!11
by Obi July 13, 2003
Something so small that it has to be referred to by using lame 80's cartoon show charaters.
There's a smurf in my...er...your pants.
by Obi July 13, 2003
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