A word used to express disgust at something or someone.

"Did you see how ugly her bag is?. Reh"
"Have you seen his reh haircut?"
"Oh, reh, I have so much homework to do"
by leahtard April 30, 2007
A word that you use when there's nothing else to say.
Usually a negative reply.
"do ur homework already!" - "rehhhhhhhhh"
"what the hell r u doin?" - "reh i dunno"
by JATZ May 29, 2004
The state or purpose in being in complete harmony with the spirit, essence, and wholeness of reh itself.
You must know reh to understand the power of reh.
by Nimpercent June 13, 2004
something one says to another one who says something stupid. something one says to another one who tries to make a funny joke but cant cause they're are a goddamn retard
yo, my name is brad downs. REH!
yo, how cool am i? REH!
by dominic October 09, 2004
it's like rah but with an e.
"reh, shes so fine!"
by dilbert July 24, 2004
Similar to UnF! (see unf) ReH! is a word used in compensation for "Yes" or "Hello" or if someone askes you a question you can not, or wish not to answer you may reply with "ReH!" to buy yourslef some time. Also extremely usefull for answering the telephone.
*Ring Ring* "Reh!" "Wha..?"


"Hey Ben, did you doink my girlfriend?", "ReH!"
by Benermin February 08, 2004
a noise that a cristiana aglurea monster makes after taking some weird pills
Cartman taking ADD tablets see's a pink monster with christiana's head running all over kenny, it says "REH!"
by james April 06, 2003

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