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A Netflix movie that you forgot was in your queue and wish you hadn’t ordered. Can be used to describe the movie or that let-down feeling you get when you open the Netflix envelope. A regretflix often sits in your house for weeks because you don’t want to watch it, but feel guilty returning it without watching it. You can’t get a better movie until you return it though, making the pang of regretflix even more agonizing.
I got a Regretflix in the mail today. Dude, "I Know Who Killed Me?" What was I thinking?

I’m feeling regretflix for ordering "The Constant Gardener" (insert other serious movie you THINK you should watch but don't really want to...)

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is totally a potential Regretflix, but I'm putting it in my queue anyway.
by stevielei February 28, 2008
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