1. any one or combination of what nick said

2. (extremely rare) a person wielding a combination of intelligence and good looks that leads to the creation of a sexual genius
"That Regis kid could eat poontang cake for a living," said the DA girl. "I've never had better and I doubt I ever will."
by MrCarmine January 31, 2005
Top Definition
1.the sweetest well rounded smart and genuine and most likely good looking kids

2. a kid who was accepted into a prestigious school after passing a series of tests, interviews and filling out a difficult application

syn: someone who is actually going somwhere, future millionaire, kids who turned down full scholorships to other catholic high schools in ny
If you are stupid, you most likely did not get accepted, and are not a regis kid.
by regiS boYZ r hot<3 January 17, 2005
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