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1. any one or combination of what nick said

2. (extremely rare) a person wielding a combination of intelligence and good looks that leads to the creation of a sexual genius
"That Regis kid could eat poontang cake for a living," said the DA girl. "I've never had better and I doubt I ever will."
by MrCarmine January 31, 2005
An Indian (as in South Asian) surname. Like the Anglo-Saxon "Smith," it refers to a profession of an ancestor. If you meet an Icecreamwala, someone in his lineage was likely the icecreamwala, or the local wala (guy who brought the) ice cream.
An Indian guy graduated from my school a few years back, last name Icecreamwala... one of his great grandfathers or great great grandfathers or something was the local ice cream guy (wala).
by MrCarmine October 31, 2006
Short for Distinguished Flying Cross, an award bestowed upon any member of the armed forces for kicking ass at flying. It is one step below the Legion of Merit.
check out this video

John Glenn is a six-time recipient of the DFC, and it shouldn't be a surprise since he was the first American to orbit the Earth.

Chuck Yaeger is a three-time recipient; he was the first pilot to break the sound barrier.
by mrcarmine March 08, 2009

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