(Verb) To say something that no one responds to, and then saying the same thing again, usually louder than before, in anticipation of a response. In reality, everyone heard you the first time, but they don't give a shit - that's why you were ignored. But you say the same thing again anyway and still get no response. That's because no one cares, you retard. This person then typically changes the subject to try to alleviate the awkward silence that follows.
Dumbass: I just took five bong hits!

*Awkward silence*


*Awkward silence*

Dumbass: So... nice weather out, eh?

*Side conversation*

Random guy: That douchebag totally just reereepeated.

Random girl: I hate him. He's such a re-re.
by ihateorangejuicebleh March 30, 2011

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