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Reegan, is a blonde haired gorgeous dude; awesome and cheerful, always keeps his cool. Popular with boys and girls, reegan is never short of company and is a good friend... girls adore him and boys appreciate his good humour and great sportsmanship
That boy sure is a (reegan).....
aw, i could do with a (reegan) to cheer me up right now
cor, that boys (hair) makes him such a (reegan)
by prettykitty123 February 03, 2010
is a personds name who is awesoem and goes to craisglea
reegan is a mad dude
by timj_92 November 22, 2007
reegan, another word for gay.
Can also be reffered to as reegay.
ally: "hey man did you see that reegan the other day?"
georgia: "yeah man he was so REEGAY!"
by AllyYaMum November 22, 2007

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