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Use of many word with the same meaning when just one would do, to add humor to an email or conversation
I've got enough nominations so I'm closing, completing, concluding, finishing, finishing off, finalizing, winding up, wrapping up, terminating, polishing off, ending, and stopping the list

That guy with the talking suitcase is mad, crazy, nutty, loony, loopy, wacko, bonkers, demented, dotty, gaga, headcase, nutcase, fruitcase, suitcase, screwball, etc, etc;

Cheers, Prost, Gayola, Na zdraví, Skål, Slainte, and everything, and stuff, and all that.

Ace, first-rate, spiffing, super, wicked, wizzo, and everything, and stuff, and all that.

That's enough redundipition and repidundant
by noddy330 June 23, 2009
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