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An object or person that does not fit in. Commonly used for people that don't fit the norm in a given environment. A redsmurf can be anything from a jock in a room of nerd, or a nerd in a room of jocks.
What the hell is that guy doing here at the party. Hes such a redsmurf.
by sammytom February 02, 2008
A redsmurf is an individual that does not fit in. This is a play on the cartoon smurfs. As you can imagine if there was a red smurf in the cartoon, he/she would have been out of place.
I felt like a redsmurf wearing my speedo to the club.
by sammytom February 02, 2008
A hairy, bloody vagina
I tried to eat this bitch's bush out, but I almost puked because of her redsmurf.
by patrick mendoza February 02, 2008
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