cocktail made of Malibu Rum and Cranberry juice
Hey bartender... give me a redrum, light on the blood please.
by Beth February 11, 2005
That frikken crazy kid from The Shining says this
*Twitches Finger*
Crazy Kid: Redrum!
by Mike Palma April 16, 2003
Redrum is a kind of animal that doesn't ejaculate very often because of its extraordinary bad smell. It is often seen in the jungle and at WDK (World Domination Kronhjort).
Dude, did you see that Redrum?
by redrum4ever July 28, 2008
Yes all of those are right but the sexual term is when you are having anal so hard that you cause her asshole to bleed and as you pull out you cum onto the now red asshole. You mix it all together with your dick making a reddish mixture. For an added bonus you take a cup and gather the liquid and offer it to her as 'red rum'.
"Dude, can you believe it! Your mom actually drunk the red rum!"

"Shannon wouldn't drink the red rum, so I poured it all over her face."
by 2E3v23n3i24 January 04, 2008
1. alchohol
2. the famous kid on socomcodes, some people hate him, some people love him. his username is r3drum_inc
3. from a movie
1.lets drink some alchohol, and i want a redrum.
2. YAY!! its redrum's b-day, lets party
by your mom March 23, 2005
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