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a type of icecream
i had a very nice redpen today
by bob September 03, 2003
6 1

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a CODE NAME for a verry atractive male.
HEY Emilie did you see that red pen i was looking for?

OH i saw it allright... it was in the cafe with a bunch of other pens! XD
by emma.lee2009 March 11, 2009
8 5
The process of fucking your teacher on her period...your "pen" will be red. You may even wipe it off on her in order to mark "corrections".
My chemistry teacher just gave me the red pen!
by Richard Noggin123 March 31, 2008
14 12
A pen with red ink. You use it to piss off your teachers when they try and mark your work in red pen. They get really mad and go to find a new colour of pen. This is a good idea when you have really old like Mr. West. Red pens suck!
Mitch: Mark my work West.
West: O bob saget its in red pen!
Mitch: Your gonna have to find a new colour!
West: O bob saget!
by MitchnCam December 09, 2005
13 12