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The "redneck trifecta" represents the three things a redneck cannot live without: NASCAR, rasslin', and Wal-Mart!
"I reckon I'll buy me some jerky and discount beer at the Wal-Mart and spend all day watchin rasslin and NASCAR!" -Cledus
by Pissed Off Paul October 16, 2003
You've had sex with three generations of the same family. The daughter, The mom and the grandmother, or, the son, the father and the grandfather.
John had sex with his girlfriend the other night, after already having sex with her mother and her grandmother before, therefore completing the Redneck Trifecta.
by cdnguy86 March 05, 2015
redneck's 3 favorite things
incest, bestiality, & moonshine
by Silky Smooth October 30, 2003
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