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1)The act of sitting on both hands until they are numb and masturbating with one hand while you are slapping yourself in the face with the other. This act simulates being beaten like a red headed step child and getting jerked off at the same time. 2)Can also be referred as the Willie Nelson.
1)I was so sad and lonely last night i give myself a red headed stranger.
2)Since Mary broke up with me I've been giving myself Willie Nelsons for the past 2 weeks.
by Danimal107 March 12, 2008
Verb: The act of fucking without both partners having knowledge of the female being on her period.

Surprise menstruation while fucking.

Fucking so hard that it produces vaginal bleeding.
'Last night we were going hard like a couple of sex-starved crack fiends when Big Bessy surprised me with a redheaded stranger.'

'No shit?'

'Yeah dude, she bled all over me like the motherfuckin' red seas had parted.'.
by Gn0sis May 14, 2011