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A cool laid back guy who just acts like himself and gets chicks
Did you see that redfox? He's just chillin' bein himself and gettin all those chicks' attention!
by Supergirl375 January 10, 2010
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An attractive redhead woman. Believed to have been coined by a witty drinker who cleverly observed that a pretty redhead barmaid was pulling a pint of an ale called Red Fox. Unlikely to be confused with late American comedian Red Foxx.
"That girl over there, shes a real Red Fox, I gotta have her."

"Wow, who was that Red Fox I saw you with last night?"
by Rahtedpumpclart February 27, 2012
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cute,cuddly animals. they have very bushy tails. also my favorite animal.
Day 1 3 friends go hiking

Alyson:Look, Mae-Mae, it's a red fox!

Hannah: Lets take a picture of it.

Mae-Mae: I brought a camera. Now we can show Mrs.Ruckman.

Day 2 it is a school day

Mae-Mae: Mrs.Ruckman, I want to show you something.

Mrs.Ruckman: A red fox! You can use it for the speacilty fair.

Alyson and Hannah: Good idea.
by spottedstar1123 May 09, 2010
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Used to describe a person who enjoy's sniffing their sister's panties.
Schizoguy sure is a redfox.
by g-dawg March 16, 2003
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