The cancer of the internet. A place where foreign people who don't know better and newfags go to revel in their own shitty glory. Memes were created in the something awful forums, or born, raised in 4chan, killed in 9gag, buried in tumblr/funnyjunk, and put on shameful display in reddit. The worst part, is that they claim the memes to be made by them.

Even worse than that, they try to sell those memes on t-shirts and pins.

tl;dr fuck reddit.
9GAG ALL THE THINGS! OMG I'm so forever alone! this is the funniest place on the planet! 4chan is scary :(. TROLOLOLOL UMAD U BUTTHURT!-typical reddit user.
by Jack Favis July 24, 2013
It's a porn site with news and viral videos
Using Reddit does not make me a loser!...oh wait
by Tennispro6060 April 09, 2014
Insight and wisdom in the most stupidest of contexts.
I don't want to have to search for what I like, so I browse reddit.
by Hardermonsters April 14, 2012
The internet community Digg and 4chan alumni graduate to after passing adolescence, developing a sense of humour, and realising that typing everything in capitals doesn't win you any friends.

More intelligent than 4chan, funnier than Digg and less downright irritating than Facebook, Reddit is home to a wide variety of geeks, trolls, karmawhores, nerds and the otherwise sunlight-allergic but witty populus.
Hey, I made it to the Reddit frontpage - check out my 10,000 karma!
by Junkivore May 20, 2010
A type of cheese made by placing ground up plastic spoons into walrus milk, and microwaving it.

Reddit is often served with a side of hash browns and gravy, or as a topping on pizza. Some people enjoy eating reddit wrapped inside a burrito made from old news papers. Reddit is considered a delicacy in Iceland where it is enjoyed with a side dish of moldy rice and spaghetti.
I sure do enjoy a good reddit sandwich with a side of fries.
by Roboham_Lincoln May 20, 2010
A website specialising in serving stylishly drawn busy and broke pages. Occasionally some user generated content will replace the busy and broke pages which breaks the monotony of the site.
Wow, I just saw some user generated content on reddit instead of the broke page.
by MashTheF5 April 01, 2011
a blog that introduce life problems in a form of funny comics
in reddit comics you find

Derp: while he is driving notice his sister Derpina in the back of the car eatting jerky beef, so he reaches his hand and say "yo. derpina jerk me".

by the drunkin yoshi January 28, 2012

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