A sex act in which two men twine their penises together like mating snakes.
Hooman and I were redvining last night!
by ShowStopper76 November 29, 2012
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when two homosexual men intertwine their penises like the snakes on the medic alert bracelets
"We heard it was called red vining"
"Is it called red vining?"
by theofficeftw November 30, 2012
when two men intertwine their penises like a caduceus

as mentioned on "the office (908)" while angela and dwight question toby on gayness after angela comes to grips with the fact that oscar has been having an affair her husband, the senator.

angela: what is it called when two men intertwine their penises like the snakes on the medic alert bracelet?
toby: wow, uh?
angela: is it called red vining?
dwight: is it called red vining? we heard it was called red vining?
angela: people red vine?
1. in the middle of sex, john says to his gay partner, bill:

john: hey bill, can we red vine tonight?
bill: sure, just stay soft

2. pick-up exchange at gay bar

john: what's your sign?
bill: virgo
john: i want to take your twizzler and do some red vining
bill: sorry, but i don't think your penis is long enough
by eciffoeht November 29, 2012
The act of intertwining the penises of two (gay) men presumably during sex, similar to the two snakes on a caduceus or (as the name suggests) the twisted licorice in Red Vines.
"What is it called when two gay men intertwine their penises? Like the two snakes on the medical stick? Is it called redvining?" -Angela Martin from The Office (Season 9, Episode 8)
by desidus November 29, 2012
When 2 homosexual males intertwine their penises together similar to the snakes on the medical symbol.
Barry and Todd were red vining and they made a knot by accident. Thankfully Harold helped them get untangled.
by Canavja November 30, 2012
When gay men intertwine their penises like the snakes on a caduceus. Taken from The Office (US) S09E08 "The Target").
Angela's Husband and Oscar were redvining all night long. All night.
by DwightAndAngela December 01, 2012
The act of wrapping two penises around each other for sexual pleasure.
I accidentally walked in on two guys red vining. I thought they were conjoined twins before I realized what was going on...
by SavingYouth November 29, 2012

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