The phrase was first coined by James Joyce in his smash-hit musical, Annie, in which he geniously depicts the stereotypical Irish-male's concern for slamming whiskey and disrespecting women, especially the ones from the loins of his sinner wife. (See child support.) Several years later, Joyce also uses this phrase in a letter to his actual wife to describe his penis.
1) Beat that thing like a red headed stepchild.

2) Perhaps I can help you beat your red headed stepchild. With my mouth.
by Benjamin Franklin 1776 July 04, 2008
One who is beaten often.
Man, he smacked her like she was a red headed stepchild!
by |darc| December 08, 2002
A child who has red hair and is also somone's stepchild.
- My stepson John has red hair.
- Oh, so you have a red headed stepchild.
by hans-åke December 19, 2008
According to popular belief red headed stepchildren are prone to severe discipline problems, rebelliousness and promiscuity.
Kena is such a red headed really she is she's run away from home as a kid and has slept with 400 guys.
by Sprydle March 11, 2005
Usually the most loved child in a familial unit. (Step)Parents pride this child for their distinct good looks and amazing personality. Women LOVE a redhead. That's a fact.
Supermodel: "oh, look that sexy red headed stepchild!"
Supermodel 2: "I know! I just want to eat him all up!"
by Gingerton April 08, 2008

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