the bloodied browneye after it has been penetrated by a large penis, object or fierce dump.
That girl used to have a browneye until I banged her,now she's got a redeye and she still can't sit down right.
by Jason the dirty one July 28, 2006
the aftermath of semen, also referred to as jizz, getting in your eye
after i let him titty fuck me, i had a red eye for 3 days
by Prillawhore June 04, 2006
When a man comes in man/womans eye causing it to water snd take on a distinctive red colouration. Derived from recent pornographic films.
''Lets give that cum sucking whore a red eye''
by kr15ushjendhj May 25, 2006
the worst movie ever made, literally that bad
wes craven should never be allowed to make anymore movies, redeye fuckin sucked!!
by Mad Maximus March 13, 2006
to lower your anus onto an open eye
fraser drunkenly red eyed Lt Colonal Weddeburn during his initiation
by marshy December 20, 2005
The burning, yet satisfying, sensation you sometimes feel after taking a steaming dump
My god... my ass damn near exploded. I know I sure as hell blew up that toilet down there. I got a serious redeye at the moment. My ass keeps clenching too, like I'm still trying to pinch one out.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
a coffee with an extra shot of espresso
bleary red-eyed college kids drink red-eyes around finals time.
by minghi May 31, 2003

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