a stern glare at a person who just fucked up
she must have known that i fucked her friend because when i walked in she gave me the red eye
by trevor March 09, 2003
When you take a big shit and your butthole hurts and is all red
"Last night after eating mexican food i took the nastiest shit and my butthole became a Red eye."
by Mdawgy June 16, 2008
1. a cup of coffee with an extra shot of expresso

2. an airline flight, especially one from coast to coast, that
begins late at night and ends in the morning.

3. cheap, strong whiskey.
I bet he's going for a red eye.
by The Return of Light Joker January 03, 2011
a drink old fugs think they just need to drink.
refer to the movie COCKTAIL
by JT October 04, 2004
1. Bad whiskey, usually rye for its red color, in the Old West.
2. The anal pore.
When we mooned the cops I gave them my redeye.
by Joel D. Parker September 27, 2006
when someone is stoned and there eyes change colour to red.
you've got bad red eye
by rob April 12, 2005
when you are receiving a blow job and you pull out to come in his/her eye. they will get a red eye.
Jimmy was getting cocky with the blowjob he was giving me so i pulled out, blew my load and gave him a red eye.
by steve zamanic March 22, 2004
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