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When, after eating a chick out who is on the rag, afterward your beard is red. Thus, Redbeard.
"Hey! It's Redbeard! Your girl having 'that time' again?"
by Sloobydoob December 31, 2004
When a lover performs oral sex on his or her partner who is currently menstruating.
Willma finally talked Fred into earning his red beard during her time of the month.
by tru@ January 13, 2005
The act of eating a chick out while she is menstruating and coming up with blood all over your mouth, chin and face.
Dude, last night I took that chick home I met at the bar and fucked her. The next morning when I looked in the mirror, I had a total Red Beard
by landshark 719 October 20, 2008
When you are eating a chick out and she gets her period, and as you are pulling away she lets out the "Mega-Queef" and the period blood sprays all over your face.
I was hooking up with his hot ass chick and she gave me a RedBeard, I'm still trying to wash it off.
by shmrrrr February 11, 2010
The "Red Beard" is created when a person goes down on a woman while she is on her period and that person makes her cum. Thus creating a period stain on their face that looks like a "Red Beard."
No I wont go down on you tonight. I can't go to work with a Red Beard again!
by VictoriaViolence June 18, 2011
The result on the face of a double cockslap. Looks like red mutton chops.
"Man I 1,2 cockslapped her so hard, I gave her a redbeard."
by zagant August 17, 2007
Having sex with a girl while shes on her period then meat slapping her across her face to give her a "red beard"
Dude i red bearded that whore last night did you see her face?
by milkysoup December 03, 2010