3 definitions by XstoryX

“The Red Beard”- You are on the rag and you seduce your boyfriend into your dark bedroom and convince him to give you face, leaving him with a memorable bloody face.
Girl: "Babe, I am really horny...Lets go to bed and Ill give you the best blow job of your life."
Boy: "Okay babe, but only if you give me the red beard again like last month."
by XstoryX April 17, 2011
“The Big Bird” -When your boyfriend pushes your head down farther as you are giving him a blow job and you start Caw-Caw’ing like an endangered bird.
Your boy acting up? Through him the big bird.
by XstoryX April 17, 2011
“The Bette Midler” - When you and your significant other are in the heat of the moment and he decides to go down on you and you queef in his face…more than once.
Girl 1: "Hey girl!"
Girl 2: "Hey, Whats up?"
Girl 1: "So, I gave Stanley a Bette Midler last night, He loved it!"
by XstoryX April 17, 2011

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