The act of eating a chick out while she is menstruating and coming up with blood all over your mouth, chin and face.
Dude, last night I took that chick home I met at the bar and fucked her. The next morning when I looked in the mirror, I had a total Red Beard
by landshark 719 October 20, 2008
Top Definition
When a lover performs oral sex on his or her partner who is currently menstruating.
Willma finally talked Fred into earning his red beard during her time of the month.
by tru@ January 13, 2005
When, after eating a chick out who is on the rag, afterward your beard is red. Thus, Redbeard.
"Hey! It's Redbeard! Your girl having 'that time' again?"
by Sloobydoob December 31, 2004
The "Red Beard" is created when a person goes down on a woman while she is on her period and that person makes her cum. Thus creating a period stain on their face that looks like a "Red Beard."
No I wont go down on you tonight. I can't go to work with a Red Beard again!
by VictoriaViolence June 18, 2011
When you are eating a chick out and she gets her period, and as you are pulling away she lets out the "Mega-Queef" and the period blood sprays all over your face.
I was hooking up with his hot ass chick and she gave me a RedBeard, I'm still trying to wash it off.
by shmrrrr February 11, 2010
The result on the face of a double cockslap. Looks like red mutton chops.
"Man I 1,2 cockslapped her so hard, I gave her a redbeard."
by zagant August 17, 2007
Having sex with a girl while shes on her period then meat slapping her across her face to give her a "red beard"
Dude i red bearded that whore last night did you see her face?
by milkysoup December 03, 2010
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