A man who keeps patrol of his boyfriend's asshole. Often used in Canada.
"Is that a Mountie over there in the forest?"

"No Billy, it's my Rectum Ranger"
by D'Licious January 21, 2003
Top Definition
One who goes on voyages in another mans ass. Usally on a boyscout trip.
<h1>Man Aj is such a rectum ranger. The way he looks at those boys.
by Brickman March 20, 2003
butt pirate or bum bandit
Jim is a full-on rectum ranger
by biff malibu March 01, 2005
One who follows the Code of the Rectum and fights the evil forces of dingleberries!
Only one man can save us now....the Rectum Ranger!
by Homosexual Cowboy man November 29, 2002
Kyle Blunt.
Kyle Blunt was walking through the hallway, scouting for a new man. "wow look at kyle hes such a rectum ranger"
by The god of words November 05, 2009
(noun) Someone who rapes another person in the ass.

Other examples include "Butt pirate" and "Ass Explorer
-"I was attacked by a large, creepy, rectum ranger."
by Chili_Dawg June 26, 2006
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