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a person with a rectangle-shaped head, or the head itself. Also may be used to mean someone with a vacuous mind. A mad scientist would be a good example of a recthead.
On Sunday, December 28, 1986, Jamie and his friend Matt went box-sliding downhill, and lost their pom-pom snowhats, due to their big rectheads. Robert, Matt's little brother, always goes bareheaded, because he, too, has a recthead, and even is a recthead, himself. Mike, who just happened to witness it, was wearing a plain snowhat, and an overcoat, and thought,"What big rectheads Jamie, Matt, and Robert all are! I mean, to wear POM-POM snowhats, and not plain ones? Plain snowhats are the ideal snowhats these days! And to wear JACKETS, and not overcoats? Really! Such BIG rectheads!
by MadScientistTrio70 February 05, 2014

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