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1. to judge , to consider
2. to think
3. to estimate
I don't reckon your chances of success.

I reckon I can fly.
by agata January 09, 2005
104 38
V. To believe.
V. To contend with, to compete against.
"I reckon that there are twenty four hours in a day. Anyone think I'm wrong?"

"The man was quite a force to be reckoned with, as he had many good friends in the business."
by Iskar March 29, 2004
226 66
To guess or suppose.
I reckon we better get out of here before we get shot.
by Jeffrey Moritz March 21, 2006
190 42
To think, suppose, stipulate.
I reckon it'll take three hours to get to Birmingham.

What do you reckon we'll have to do to convince him?

Rain tomorrow, d'you reckon?
by Mad Sloth March 28, 2004
53 22
To 'reckon' is to think or believe something.
2. Agree something is right.
1. Skateboarder 1 : "Reckon I'm gunna land a crooked grind on this steep-ass handrail?"
Skateboarder 2 :"I reckon you'll get nailed, but try it anyway."
2. Skateboarder 1 : "Do you reckon that I never had a hope in hell of doing it?"
Skateboarder 2 : "I reckon!"
by Diego August 15, 2003
46 30
Reckon is a term used by my family , and most likely other oklahomans. Reckon when used in a sentance means guess, but you have to use it right. i never realized hoe hick it was, and that it wasnt a real word till the other day. haha
"I reckon im gonna go out to the pond for a swim."
by LINZ July 30, 2004
42 62
Used as an exclamation to express disbelief. Usually spoken with deliberate excess emphasis on both syllables.
"I had it off with Mary last night!"

"Yeah, reckon."
by JohnnyMalaria January 23, 2005
9 48