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V. To believe.
V. To contend with, to compete against.
"I reckon that there are twenty four hours in a day. Anyone think I'm wrong?"

"The man was quite a force to be reckoned with, as he had many good friends in the business."
by Iskar March 29, 2004
V. To get ready (esp. to leave).

Popularized by American "Old Western" films, where horses were the primary means of transportation. When someone saddled up their horse, it was often because they were about to leave.
"Saddle up, friend, we've got a long way to travel."
by Iskar March 29, 2004
V. To take a shortcut. From the practice of utilizing the properties Pythagorean Theorem and going diagonally when turning at a corner instead of going all the way to the end and turning 90 degrees. This process is faster, since less distance is being covered.

However, the time is often gained at the expense of quality, because less effort is being used.
He cut corners with the project, and though he finished a day early, he received a low grade because he neglected key details.
by Iskar May 24, 2004
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