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The name 'Reckful' was the well known internet alias for the former Streamer Byron Bernstein, the bald individual that was once a competitive WoW player.
After realizing he was washed up in WoW, he has decided to play a children's card game for a living in which he would later miss lethal at the Blizzcon tournament (the 11+4 syndrome derived from that incident which until this day, haunts him).

After the 2016 incident there was a major loss of interest from the viewers at in 'Reckful' which led to his attempt to streaming in 2017 to a peak of 58 concurrent viewers.

Today he manages an Ice Cream shop in Austin,Texas after being manipulated to renounce his money/belongings to Blue.

Mother: "Harder Reckful, the kids are almost home!"
(children walks in on Reckful & their mother)
Kid: "MOM! What are you doing with that bald CBS guy that bought a 30k car to a hoe then missed lethal at Blizzcon?!"
by realh April 06, 2017
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The name 'Reckful', sometimes referred to as 'Reck', is the well known internet alias for Byron Bernstein.

Reckful's main public career consists of competitive World of Warcraft, and live-streaming. It is known that Reckful has delved into stock purchasing, and has seen success in doing so. He is also well-known for having won the final World of Warcraft competition held by MLG (Major League Gaming) and competing in Complexity Gaming's professional e-sports team at the time.
"Did you see Reckful smack those scrubs in that 1v2 last night? PogChamp!"
by BrelovPS January 28, 2014
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"Dude, you've done your homework already? That's totally reckful."
by Spoovo May 02, 2015
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Adj. To take caution or be mindful.

antonyms: reckless, careless, brash
Drive reckfully, the roads are icy.
by EmosEwa88 December 28, 2016
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