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The complete opposite of a Yankee.
That simple.
"Yes, I am a Rebel and very proud to be one. Do not let the stereotypical Redneck scheme portray a true Rebel."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
Star Wars Rebel Pilot - can possibly use the Force to navigate around Star Systems. Also is a very very cool guy who can fly!
Luke Skywalker - Force user!!!
by Ziusudra June 13, 2003
n. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it. (Amrbose Bierce "The Devil's Dictionary.")
A rebel's life is during Youth, The Period of Possibility, the true Saturanian Reign, the Golden Age on earth again.
by -aiboksi- July 26, 2004
someone who uses cash
In todays society, it is the person who uses cash who is rebelling agoinst the modern world.
by Doug September 02, 2003
Definition of a Rebel :
Yes = No
No = Yes
Person X : Ayo Dawg, have you heard about the Local group in Doha known as 'Rebels'
Person Y : of fucking course yeah, them dawgs some serious ass kicking dudes !!
by sin_anios August 03, 2007
Usually, someone who tries too hard to actually be rebellious. Said in jest.
Ria: Oh ma gawd, whatevar! I is well not going to that detenshun!
Salia: Ooh you rebel, you.
by Claire July 22, 2005
Someone who is dumb enough to believe the south will rise again.
Wow sis, mom's not this good in bed.
by djwhiteboy August 10, 2005