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while banging someone in the ass managing to
successfully maneuver them around the room without bumping into any
"Last night i achieved rear admiral status with this slam pig."
by dan December 05, 2003
27 43
The act of engaging in sexual intercourse in the doggy style position. The giver then uses his hands to knock the recievers hands out from under them causing them to fall on their face. You are promoted to a Rear Admiral when you can push your partner anywhere in the room without using your hands.
I did a rear admiral with your girl friend last night.
by SantaClaws488 October 18, 2004
31 49
Rear Admiral is a slang word used for gay men in the Military...so instead of calling them 'faggot', 'homosexuals'
we call them Rear Admiral.
Hey you heard about that new Sergeant?
yeh he was caught smooching the bartender down town...
great another Rear Admiral has joined our ranks...
by Horneydevil November 29, 2009
19 38
A Rear Admiral is slang for a proctologist.
"I know I'm a proctologist; and I find it disrespectful to be referred to as a bum doctor or as a Rear Admiral, unless you give me a snappy uniform."
by Duckbutt May 24, 2006
10 29
Whilst doing a girl from behind, or up the arse, attempt to walk all the way round a table. Those who complete this are awrded status of rear admiral
I rear admiralled a girl last night whilst taking her from behind in the dining room
by jenm March 06, 2005
10 30
One who navigates the windward passage
by Chuckie June 09, 2003
45 65
A mixture between a wet willie and a wedgie.

You know what i mean.
I rear admiral'd this guy now my finger stinks.
by DirtBast October 13, 2007
6 28