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1.a cool beutiful sensative girl.
2.very pretty
3.nice,& beutiful girl
5.sweet & caring
Reanne is just a name! a very pretty name. Rey-anne
by reanne December 02, 2007
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The most beautiful, sexy, caring, perfect person who you know, and looks like the most beautiful person in the world not matter what they wear. she is also a top class friend who every one want to be happy and have enteral happiness.
that girls so great and she's so nice, i want her to be happy" "yeah she's such a reanne
by Pengu95 April 04, 2011
Reanne - verb/noun; to reanne someone is to give them the best lay of their life. to "get a reanne" is to be on the receiving end of such a phenomenal sexual act.
"Man, last saturday that girl totally gave me a reanne!"

"Just you wait until we get home and I give you a reanne."
by zinks February 05, 2010

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