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A word or phrase used to bring a person back into the life of those around them, sometimes used to smash hopes and dreams.
Sean: Everyone is mean to me. I am perfect. I don't understand why people say bad things about me.
Jeremy: Sean, look at what you say to people. Nobody likes you for a reason!
by Jeremy October 22, 2003
a confirmation of facts, especially to combat malicious rumors, stand ground against excessive idealism, or dispel fantasies
Many politicians could use a reality check.
by The Retrurn of Light Joker August 12, 2008
Original definition: a test to determine if one is dreaming.
I figured that I might be dreaming, so I looked at a sign, closed my eyes, and envisioned the words changing. When I opened my eyes, the words were the same, so the result of my reality check was positive.
by Werehamster January 07, 2009
Finally realizing your life sucks more than you actually thought.
Man 1: I was hanging in this great cardboard box the other day!

Man 2: Reality check

Man: Wow i am a hobo after all. My mom was right
by HAHAHAHAAAAnoChick January 02, 2013
A New York State-based youth anti-smoking organization that uses the same manipulative tactics to attract teens that they denigrate Big Tobacco for. They have a branch in every county in New York State. The organization and its representatives tend to be hypocritical, self-righteous, and defensive when contradicted. Currently involved in a censorship campaign to ban instances of smoking from movies, without any regard for the sanctity of the art.
Most kids just go to Reality Check events for the free stuff.
by Wreck the Check December 22, 2005
Refering to people who think that their shit doesn't stink... you would insert your finger into their anus and remove your finger and place it below their nostril to remind them their shit in fact does stink.
Tim: I think Gayle is being a real bitch tonight, she says shes too good for Coors.
Freddie: Yeah that skeezer needs a serious reality check son.
by Fast_Freddie August 04, 2008
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