Top Definition
the show where reality wanna-bes go to die
with a voice like that Stewie, you couldn't even make it on reality rejects
by craigster223 November 12, 2007
A show people who can't cut it on any other show should try out for.

Dude, I think they're auditioning for Reality Rejects - maybe you'd have a shot there with those horrible dance moves...
by Jance23 November 11, 2007
contestants who couldn't cut it on popular reality shows such as survivor, dancing with the stars, and america's next top model. They would up on Reality Rejects - an internet comedy reality series based in cleveland, ohio.

Dude you'd never make it on survivor. Hell you aren't even Reality Rejects material.
by Trever3466734 November 10, 2007
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