real serious shit. People say it to make sure the person they're talking to knows they're real serious about whatever they said.
Nah but real nigga shit I'ma knock that mufucka down at the movies tonight.
by Jason1170 April 04, 2007
Checkin someone behind street principles
A breh you owe me some money you better tear me off my paper or I'ma have to see you about somethin REALNIGGASHIT
by EastOaklandRoy October 20, 2010
when somebody does or says something gangsta.
a: did you ever listen to mystic stylez by three 6 mafia? b: yeah that's some real nigga shit!
by anonymous June 05, 2013
When you do something thats gangster or realy true its real nigga shit.
we just roled a cigar out of 5 cigerets,thats some real nigga shit.
by real ass nigga November 19, 2006

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