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A week long period in February or March sans class for college kids to party their stress out and get completely trashed before hitting the books for their midterm exams and term papers. Usually results in several things: a shitload of pictures that no one remembers taking, random hookups, 5 am nights, several walks of shame (or strides of pride, you pick!), far too much money spent, and one hell of an intense hangover at the end of the week.

For some reason, it is more looked forward to than christmas.
college kid 1: that was the best perma-drunk week of my life man!
college kid 2: yea it would help if I could remember anything for all this pain
college kid 1: don't even worry about it, dude- it was reading week! no one cares what happened cuz we were all in the same sitch!
#reading week #reading break #spring break #perma-drunk #hangover #party #fun
by DJ Katz February 23, 2009
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