ex-yorkshireman that likes to give head while engaging in bumlove and wanking two people off at the same time

ie, reach for the....
look at im hes a reacher all right he cant get enough of the cocks
by chilly chilly April 25, 2009
Top Definition
the much less attractive member of a couple
Geoffrey Arend is the world's most famous reacher after marrying Christina Hendricks.
by iamthelawrus May 02, 2011
A tall man who reaches for things that others cannot reacher. Often hired as a freelancer or from an agency.
I'm trying to get that can of applesauce from the top shelf, but I'm just too short. Can you get me a reacher?
by Reesteesees May 01, 2009
A dude who is so desperate that he tries to suck his own dick but isn't able to.
Only a handful of reachers have actually been able to suck their own dicks and they have never left their room since.
by cervixpounder April 14, 2015
someone who is a master and teacher of the art of the reach-around
i jacked around to much in class today so i had to spend a couple hours after school with the reacher.
by Sooth Sayre April 28, 2010
A person that tries to fit in by ANY means possible!

Usually this person is considered to be an outsider of the "ingroup".

This person doesn't understand that people aren't really trying to befriend them!

Also, someone that tries to be noticed by extreme means!
OMG, Did you see what she wrote in her blog? She is such a REACHER!

I don't know what his point of saying that was? He is such a REACHER!
by GucciLaLa! December 12, 2008
Someone who is hot with a great personality and can get someone even more attractive than them but instead, they get someone who is way below them in looks but still has a great personality just to feel secure in the relationship because they know that they would be less likely to leave them.
Jennifer is so hot but her boyfriend is so ugly. She's a reacher.
by thatbitch<3 November 12, 2011
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