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Re-enlist "verb"

The act of recommiting ones self to the armed forces.

Frequently done by retards just in the begining of their contracts who later end up deserting.

see also: derisive logic
see also: masochism
Fresh into the Army. Pvt Joe Snuffy wants to re-enlist for six years.

Stop lossed E-5: Why the fuck do you want stay in the army?
Joe: Military is done all I knew sarge.
E-5: Why don't you get out and go to college or something?
Joe: I don't have to much of them done book smarts.
E-5: *Sigh*....Whatever...(Turns and walks away)
Joe: Can I get a hoorah sarge?
E-5: Eat a dick. In fact do some fuckin push ups.
by chucked September 26, 2007
To sign a contract AGAIN for the armed forces, refer to motard. To destroy your life for another 4 years.
Cpl Randy just re-enlisted, someone kick him in the head
by WOODY8888811 December 27, 2007
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